they call mom mrs kaplan, yikes. 

do u mean ms altman

Anonymous: hello, you seem to know a lot about comics like Marvel and DC and I really want to start reading them as well but I really don't know where to begin. Which one should I read first?


for DC i would recommend reading

  • All of the batfam’s “Year 1” comics 
  • Batman: Reborn “Batman and Robin” with Dick and Damian
  • Red Robin
  • Blue Beetle (with Jaime Reyes. Ted Kord is really great too tho!) 

For Marvel: 

  • Fraction&Ajas “Hawkeye”
  • Iron Man “Extremis” 
  • Young Avengers vol. 1 (1-12) 
  • Avengers “Children’s Crusade”
  • Daredevil 

these are my favorites!!! however for something really much more cohesive than what i’ve cobbled together here check this link out. Alice has a wide range of really awesome comics put together also with download links!!! have fun and please tell me what you like best!!